INFIET is pleased to work with our clients to help them to establish a company as a unique and recognizable brand associated with our high-quality designed phone cases & accessories.
We can provide different kinds of Free Marketing Materials for you, including:

Visual Brand Image Design

Selling our excellent products is not enough for you to establish a famous brand.
INFIET knows about that a great visual brand image design can make a deep impression on your clients, and we can help you to design a set of suitable VI design for your company.

Advertising Materials

Product catalog booklets, posters and videos are the important resources for your business promotion.
INFIET can provide those materials combined with your own VI design for you to boost your sales.

Marketing Research

Every week, we are able to release a series of design elements, such as cartoon phone stand, phone straps etc. or graphic designs to diversify your business.
Besides, being a partner with INFIET, we can offer some marketing strategies for your business running.